About us.

Stage Traffic is a dynamic UK/US theatre production company.  Based in London, but looking at inspiration from around the globe, Stage Traffic is committed to creating productions with a strong emphasis on contemporary storytelling that truly resonate with modern audiences.

Passionate about traditional stage skills but not afraid to take risks, our focus is on intimate dramas containing universal themes. Our belief is that audiences need to strongly identify with what’s happening on stage. They need to be enticed and excited about what is going on in front of them.

Openness and inclusion are at the heart of Stage Traffic’s philosophy. Our hope is to build a platform that nurtures new writing and performing talent alongside experienced and seasoned actors and writers. The result is a theatre company with a new kind of energy – a company with a mission to tell stories about how we live, in ways that make us think harder, laugh longer and feel more intensely.

The company was founded in 2016 by Eilene Davidson and Michael Yale. Michael and Eilene first met as actors 17 years ago and since then both have worked additionally in the roles of writer, director and producer both in the States and the UK.