By Katy Brand


Raise a glass to female family bonding and buried resentment!

3 Women is a brand-new comedy drama by Katy Brand.

From generation to generation, from Mother to Daughter, this female-led play explores what it means to be a woman in the 21st century and the consequences of the generational gap on our attitudes, cultural expectations and family dynamic. From wedding celebrations to relationship disillusionment, 3 Women is razor-sharp funny and caustically irresistible.

Starring Anita Dobson as Eleanor, Debbie Chazen as Suzanne and Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Laurie, this hilariously frank and original debut, brings our three women and their own very different identities and opinions into one hotel suite for a single night of redemption. What will be revealed?

“An important and timely play for feminism”


“We don’t want to replace men – we just want equal airtime”


“The whole production is a delight from start to finish. This beautiful display of talent deserves to be seen.”

View From The Cheap Seat

“Katy Brand’s first foray into scriptwriting gives us 3Women, a well-written, funny and emotional delight.”


“Highly entertaining, hilarious, perceptive and engagingly poignant, 3Women at Trafalgar Studios is a must-see.”

The Upcoming

“Brand’s work is much too clever, funny and brilliantly acted to be categorised as just another women’s play. It talks to everyone because we have all, of course, and whether we like it or not, come from families.”

The New European

“Some moments of real brilliance”

Sweet London Life

“Katy Brand’s new 90-minute comedy without interval is one of the funniest pieces of new writing we’ve had the pleasure to sit through at any theatre this year.”

Neil Durham/monstagigz